We aim to inspire young creatives.

Cartoon Kids is all about providing fun and engaging creative resources for kids (or any young creatives at heart!) To this end, we have an amazing 'how to draw' book series to help kids learn the fundamentals of character design. They're packed full of fun characters to draw, all based on simple shapes to help kids draw them more accurately. We believe the easier the drawing process the better the results, which makes drawing much more fun and enjoyable. Seeing a great looking drawing is hugely encouraging for kids! And for younger kids (for whom drawing might still be a bit challenging) we provide activity pages such as colouring pages which you can print off at home for those rainy days!

If you have any suggestions that'll help make our products even better, we'd love to here from you! Please contact us at hello@cartoonkids.net.

Get started today and have a world of fun!