How to Draw Monsters And Spooks: A Step-by-step Drawing Book


  • 28 classic monsters to draw
  • Simple step-by-step drawings for each monster
  • Additional poses and expressions to try for many monsters
  • 3 BONUS double-page scenes to complete and colour
  • Full colour artwork throughout
  • Size chart showing the relative size of all the characters
  • 56 pages
  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" (roughly A4 size)


Draw using simple shapes

We've simplified the drawing process by basing all our characters on simple shapes. This makes the monsters much easier to draw whilst still looking fun and professional. Most importantly the easier the drawing process the better the results, which makes drawing much more fun and enjoyable. Seeing a great looking drawing is hugely encouraging for kids!

Step-by-step tutorials

Most of the monsters are broken down in to 7 simple steps, gradually adding details and complexity with each step. Each step has some accompanying instructional text for further clarity.

Additional expressions

Creating stories around your characters is a lot of fun. We help kids do this by providing additional expressions and poses to attempt. This expands many of the monsters from being a standalone drawing in to a multi-dimensional character with thoughts and feelings for kids to learn and play around with.

Tell stories

One of the most exciting things about our books is that kids can mix and match characters and draw some really fun scenes. To assist with this, we've provided a size chart to show the scale of all the monsters relative to each other. This way there's hours of fun to be had and endless stories to be told!

Complete and colour!

Toward the end of the book there are 3 scenes to complete and colour. Learn to draw the monsters and test your skills by filling in the scenes. Or if you just want to have some fun, take the book with you and simply colour it in - perfect for on-the-go entertainment!

Bonus Content

If you prefer colouring to drawing then we've got you covered there too. All of the monsters in the book have been collated on to separate A4 colouring pages. Download the Monsters colouring pack today.

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